Lights, Camera, Action!!!

2.jpgStaff hard at work at USA plant Ohio


10What an inspirational sign #IA

Proud to be in America ~ Injection Alloys ~ Global Domination



Nice Horse …..

… But whats that?


OH YEAH, Its Injection Alloys’ granted USA Patent.

This year we are taking USA by storm – Back in January we opened a new plant in Middletown, Ohio. Since then USA Production of conventional cored wire (CCW) has begun, with our Hi-Core machine arriving VERY SOON!

To top it off we now have our patent. Look out America, HERE WE COME!!

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All dressed up …

… And plenty of places to go.

party garb

Hi-Cal selling so fast we have run out of clear wrap.

Down at ZA the team improvised and used non standard blue wrap.

We will always get to you on time and look great! and most importantly PERFORM GREAT!

Injection Alloys – The home of Hi-Core

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