Someone burst that bubble ….


Business growth and success ultimately leads to many new opportunities and experiences, often though this also leads to more filing.

This week Group Finance Assistant, Lauren Jackson has been practising her DIY skills with this flat pack beast of a cabinet …..


Well done! Great job and an excellent addition to the office

And, as usual we managed to have a little fun along the way ….. 




Deliciously delightful …

Prepare for food envy …

… Too busy eating to take pictures of the main!

These two are serious about their food:


Damien Marsh – Group IT Manager ‘the boss’


Paul Sutton – Group JDE Regional Manager – Asia

Hope you have enjoyed the blog this week and all have brilliant weekends – whatever you may be doing!!! Enjoy

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There’s a new coffee maker in town!…

… Damien Marsh, Group IT Manager has not only been turning Lauren Jackson, Group Finance assistant and Clare Chesterman, PA to CEO, into NetSuite SUPER-USERS

but also found the time to make a great cuppa!


Sharon Hoube, Financial Analyst, has been training us too and it seems she has more than one talent….

Yes, you guessed it … DARTS!!!


What a great week, Lauren was also enjoying herself ….


A productive week all round!

Keep checking back for more news and entertainment from #IA.

Have a great weekend and stay positive 🙂


That’s the Group Finance Director if you were wondering !

This week Manuel Franco has been busy in he UK office, based in Kidderminster.


A productive week has been had in the UK office.

The UK team has been busy with with BIG deals, sharing thoughts and ideas, improving employee know how and of course preparation for next week #NetSuite #Training #change #IA

Best go …. it will soon be Monday.

Have lovely weekends everyone and stay tuned for the next blog addition.

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All dressed up …

… And plenty of places to go.

party garb

Hi-Cal selling so fast we have run out of clear wrap.

Down at ZA the team improvised and used non standard blue wrap.

We will always get to you on time and look great! and most importantly PERFORM GREAT!

Injection Alloys – The home of Hi-Core

Drop me a message for more info 🙂

Wild in Saldanha

Our favourite Techy  Elzaan Behrens – Marivate visited the ArcelorMittal South Africa Saldanha Works this week.


”This is  ArcelorMittal Saldanha

Corex – Midrex: It is a very cool way of making steel.

Most popular is blast furnace or Electric arc furnace

It is really cool as the Corex section makes liquid iron and the Midrex side makes DRI (direct reduces iron) and the Conarc converts it to steel

If you want more info let me know.”


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USA Production Update

This week our CEO visited our newest plant in Ohio.

The production standard and quality of product is proving a huge success and we are a welcome edition to the US market.

There is no stopping us now!!! 🙂

CJ took a couple of snaps and I think you will agree … These are brilliant coil shots!

CCW production

Have weekend blog followers and check back next week for more IA updates.


N.S.T this week!

This Thursday there was a hive of activity in the office with Lauren Jackson and Clare Chesterman undertaking Net Suite Training, or NST as we like to refer to it. 


After looking at the different parts of the programme and testing it out we are welcoming the change with open arms and cannot wait to get started!

Will keep you posted, and here’s to implementation 🙂

Happy workers make a happy office!! Enjoy your weekend blog readers and don’t forget to comment and like our posts and have your say.

See you soon.