Uni Completion Milestone

We are buzzing to have Group Finance Assistant Lauren Jackson back in the office full-time time. She has been studying for the past 3 years whilst gaining valuable ‘REAL’ experience with IA.


Results are due in August but we have every faith that she has excelled.
Injection Alloys helps employees be the best that they can be!!!
What a FANTASTIC company to work for.
I will keep you updated and get some pics of those certs when they arrive šŸ™‚ In the mean time keep looking back as a Q and A with LJ is on the cards.
Hopefully next week.
Enjoy your weekends and have fun.
More from me next week.
PS. If you were wondering its a

BA Hons Business Management Degree, specialising in Accountancy. WOW! impressedĀ 

Wild in Saldanha

Our favourite Techy Ā Elzaan Behrens – Marivate visited theĀ ArcelorMittal South Africa Saldanha Works this week.


”This is Ā ArcelorMittal Saldanha

Corex – Midrex:Ā It is a very cool way of making steel.

Most popular is blast furnace or Electric arc furnace

It is really cool as the Corex section makes liquid iron and the Midrex side makes DRI (direct reduces iron) and the Conarc converts it to steel

If you want more info let me know.”


Check out our Website for contact info:


USA Production Update

This week our CEO visited our newest plant in Ohio.

The production standard and quality of product is proving a huge success and we are a welcome edition to the US market.

There is no stopping us now!!! šŸ™‚

CJ took a couple of snaps and I think you will agree … These are brilliant coil shots!

CCW production

Have weekend blog followers and check back next week for more IA updates.


N.S.T this week!

This Thursday there wasĀ a hive of activity in the office with Lauren Jackson and Clare Chesterman undertaking Net Suite Training, or NST as we like to refer to it.Ā 


After looking at the different parts of the programme and testing it out we are welcoming the change with open arms and cannot wait to get started!

Will keep you posted, and here’s to implementation šŸ™‚

Happy workers make a happy office!! Enjoy your weekend blog readers and don’t forget to comment and like our posts and have your say.

See you soon.

New Plant open in Ohio, USA

usa steel plant new

Our Senior Management Team visited the new factory in Ohio, USA last week. The meetings were successful and the team were pleased with the progress. It was great to meet some new faces like Michelle in HR and Richard, Head of Operations.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish them every success.

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