Our Products and Services

Injection Alloys provides the complete range of injection core wires, feed equipment and technical services to the global steel industry and foundry operations. Through our expertise and experience we have developed innovative new products in the HiCore® range and really have changed the way in which Calcium is added to molten steel for inclusion modification processes. We don’t just supply wires and equipment; we provide complete solutions to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves in listening to customers’ needs and then tailoring our products and services to meet those needs. The Injection Alloys Group manufactures the widest range of cored injection wire in the world, using our own patented manufacturing technology.

Hi-Core® … seamless solutions to your inclusion modification requirements

This range of exceptional seamless cored wires has been designed internally by our team of engineers at Injection Alloys Group, specifically to produce consistent ultra high yields when adding calcium to molten steel.  This innovative and exciting new range has been developed and tested by our experts to give nothing other than excellent metallurgical results alongside cost saving benefits. The Benefits of lower splashing, reduced fuming and overall reduction in powder consumption completely supports the industry drive towards reduced environmental impact and demonstrates our own commitment to improving the environment. As part of the Hi-Core® range we don’t just offer you superior seamless cored wires, our technical experts will advise you and guide you through every step of the process ensuring you the very best in service and quality from start to finish.  We additionally offer wire feeder and injection equipment which can be designed and manufactured according to your specific needs.